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Handheld Daytime Coloured Smoke (White)

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Introducing the ultimate addition to your celebration toolkit: the Handheld Smoke Cannon from Summerlee. Engineered for those seeking to add a pop of colour and an unforgettable visual element to their events, this smoke cannon is perfect for pyro parties, sports celebrations, Tifo displays, atmospheric photography, and much more. With a simple ring pull operation, it's designed for ease of use and maximum impact, making it an essential for anyone looking to create a visually stunning environment.

Vivid, Long-Lasting Colour: Each smoke cannon is filled with high-quality, vividly coloured smoke powder that produces a dense, colourful smoke cloud lasting up to 60 seconds, ensuring your moment is captured in full brilliance.

Ring Pull Operation: Designed for convenience and safety, the cannon is activated by a simple ring pull mechanism. No lighting required, making it safer and more reliable than traditional smoke bombs.

Category 1 Safety: Certified as a Category 1 indoor smoke device, it ensures minimal hazard and is safe for use in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors, adding versatility to your event planning.

Age 16+ Recommended: While designed with safety in mind, we recommend this product for users aged 16 and over, ensuring that it's used responsibly and with consideration for those around you.

Perfect for Daytime Events: Specifically formulated for daytime use, the smoke is dense and colourful enough to stand out brightly under sunlight, ideal for outdoor sports events, celebrations, or creating atmospheric effects in photography.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic: Committed to environmental responsibility and user safety, our smoke powder is non-toxic and designed to minimize environmental impact.
Product Use:

Ideal for creating a dynamic backdrop for football and sports fans, enhancing the atmosphere at parties, adding depth to photography shots, or simply making a statement at any celebration. Its ease of use, safety, and spectacular effect make it a must-have for event organizers, photographers, and fans alike.

Safety and Usage Guidelines:

Follow all instructions on the packaging for safe use.
Aim away from face and others when activating.
Use in well-ventilated areas, especially when indoors.
Recommended for use by individuals 16 years of age and older.

Package Contents:

Each pack contains one Handheld Smoke Cannon with ring pull activation. Available in various colors to match your theme or preference. Choose the perfect hue to complement your event and prepare to dazzle your guests with a display they'll never forget.