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Handheld Daytime Coloured Flare (Yellow)

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  • Add some Colour to any Celebration with these Party Effects from Summerlee
  • Revolutionary New Cat 1 Safety Handheld Fountain Flare Effect with Simple Ring Pull Operation
  • Produces an Colour Effect for 30 Seconds, then Silver with Cold Sparks for 30 Seconds
  • Ideal for Paintballing, Airsoft, Weddings, Photoshoots, Theatre & Special Effects
  • Dimensions – L34cm x W8cm / L14” x W3” (approx.)

Ignite the excitement at your next event with our Handheld Fountain Flare, the ultimate special effect accessory for any daytime celebration. Designed for enthusiasts of pyro parties, football and sports fans, Tifo displays, and photographers seeking to add a dynamic atmosphere to their visuals, this innovative device combines the vibrant display of a smoke bomb with the mesmerizing effect of cold sparks. Safe, spectacular, and easy to use, it's perfect for creating memorable moments at any event.

Key Features:

Dual-Phase Display: Experience the best of both worlds with a bright, vivid color smoke display for the first 30 seconds, seamlessly transitioning into a captivating white smoke with cold spark effect for the final 30 seconds.

Ring Pull Activation: Safety and convenience are paramount; our Handheld Fountain Flare is equipped with a ring pull mechanism for easy and reliable activation, no external ignition source required.

Category 1 Safety: This device is classified as a Category 1 indoor-safe product, ensuring minimal hazard and making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues. To promote responsible usage, this product is recommended for individuals aged 16 and older, ensuring that users can safely enjoy the spectacle it offers.

Long-Lasting 60-Second Effect: Designed to elevate your celebrations, this flare provides a full minute of visual entertainment, perfect for capturing the crowd's attention and creating lasting memories.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic: Committed to both user safety and environmental responsibility, our smoke and spark powder is non-toxic and designed to minimize ecological impact.
Ideal Uses:

Whether you're cheering on your favourite team, ringing in a new year, capturing the perfect shot, or simply want to add a splash of colour and excitement to your party, our Handheld Fountain Flare is up to the task. Its unique dual-phase effect makes it a standout choice for:

  • Sports events and fan celebrations
  • Pyrotechnic parties and Tifo displays
  • Wedding exits and special entrances
  • Creative photography and videography projects
  • Any event where atmosphere and excitement are key
  • Safety and Usage Guidelines:


Safety Information

Read and follow all instructions provided with the product.
Ensure the device is pointed away from people and objects when activated.
Use in well-ventilated areas, particularly when indoors, to enjoy safely.
Designed for hand-held use with an extended arm to avoid proximity to sparks.

Package Contents:

Each package contains one Handheld Fountain Flare with a ring pull activation mechanism. Available in a selection of vibrant colors for the initial smoke phase, allowing you to tailor your event's visual theme precisely.

Transform your next celebration into an unforgettable spectacle with our Handheld Fountain Flare. Capture the awe of your audience with this safe, stunning, and easy-to-use special effect, guaranteed to make your event the talk of the town.