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Gender Reveal 50cm Confetti Cannon (Blue)

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Get ready for a moment of pure excitement and anticipation with our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon. Measuring 50cm, this indoor party popper is designed to add an unforgettable twist to your celebration. The easy-to-use twist action air-pop powered launcher ensures a hassle-free experience, while the safety cannon tube directs a burst of vibrant, biodegradable tissue confetti into the air. Choose between Pink or Blue confetti to reveal the gender in a spectacular fashion, creating a magical and memorable experience for all.

Twist and Reveal: Transform your gender reveal party into a magical moment with our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon. The 50cm popper features a simple twist action that unleashes a burst of confetti, adding an element of surprise and joy to the big reveal.

Indoor Party Perfect: Designed with indoor celebrations in mind, our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon allows you to share the big moment without any mess. Whether it's a living room gathering or a banquet hall celebration, this popper adds a touch of magic to your indoor party.

Air-Pop Powered Launcher: Powered by air-pop technology, the launcher ensures a safe and controlled burst of confetti. The twist action activates the launcher, propelling the confetti into the air with a delightful "pop." Experience the excitement without the need for external propellants.

Safety Cannon Tube: Safety comes first. The Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon is equipped with a secure cannon tube that directs the confetti upwards, ensuring a safe and controlled display. Revel in the joy of the moment with confidence.

Pink or Blue, Your Choice: Choose between Pink or Blue confetti to reveal the gender of your little one. The vibrant hues add a visual delight to the occasion, creating an unforgettable moment for you, your family, and your guests.

Biodegradable Tissue Confetti: Crafted from biodegradable tissue, the confetti provides an eco-friendly touch to your celebrations. Share the joy of the reveal while making a sustainable choice that's gentle on the environment. Enjoy the maximum joy of a confetti shower without the hassle of cleanup. The biodegradable tissue confetti is easy to manage, allowing you to focus on the celebration and the joy it brings.

Celebrate the Big Reveal: Celebrate the much-anticipated gender reveal in style with our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon. Elevate the excitement, share the joy, and create a magical atmosphere that adds an extra layer of wonder to the occasion. Share the magic of the gender reveal with your loved ones. The Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon turns the reveal into a captivating experience, uniting everyone in the joyous celebration of new beginnings.

  • Full operating instructions and safety information included.
  • Always point the cannon away from your body, facing upwards into the air.
  • Ensure that no people or animals are in its path.

Not suitable for operation by children under 14 years of age.

Dimensions – L50cm x W5cm / L24” x W2” (approx.)